Organisational and Campaigning Review

Over the last century, The Nationals Victoria have changed and evolved. In the past we represented mainly farmers. Now we represent all regional Victorians.
In 2022 The Nationals had the best state election result in decades, winning three new lower house seats, a second upper house seat and having more women than men in Parliament House for the first time.
Now is the time to build on recent success and continue to change and develop. The Party needs to make sure it has the right structures and processes in place for all parts of the Party to work together effectively. The Board has commissioned an Organisational and Campaigning Review to be conducted by Paul Andrews, who is on secondment from L.E.K. Consulting. The review will look into questions such as:

• What we did well in last year’s federal and state election campaigns
• What we could have done better in those campaigns
• What we can do to support our members’ engagement both during and in between campaigns
• How we can encourage more people – particularly younger people – to be involved in the Nationals

The Nationals is a member driven Party and member input is essential for this review. We would encourage as many members as possible to make a formal submission in-line with the review Terms of Reference which can be found below.
To make a formal submission or if you have any questions about the review, Paul can be contacted at or by calling Head Office on 03 9600 1424.



  1. The review will examine the roles, responsibilities and structural operating groups of the Party (the Party ‘operational model’)
  2. The review scope will cover both ‘election’ and ‘non-election’ operating settings. Election operating setting include:
    1. 2022 State Election campaign
    2. 2022 Federal election campaign
  3.  The review will provide recommendations for how the Party’s operating model can be optimised for contemporary Party needs. Contemporary Party needs include:
    1. Contemporary operating needs: inefficiencies driven by operating roles and responsibilities not being clearly defined between formal and informal Party structures
    2. Contemporary community needs: attracting the next generation of Party members and taking into account contemporary communication preferences.


  1. Changing the privacy of the State Council as the peak Party decision-making body
  2. An examination and re-prosecution of the Party’s:
    1. 13-point philosophy and objectives as outlined in Cause 3 of the Party Consitution
    2. Strategy


  1. Member insights will be sought
    1. Written submission from Party members.
    2. Targeted interviews with Party officeholders.