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When decisions are made at the cabinet table regional and rural Victoria needs strong voices around it.

Becoming a member of The Nationals help to ensure those voices are listened to.

The Nationals are a grassroots community organisation. Our members are local people who value democracy, are committed to their own communities and want to ensure it has strong political representation.

Members of The Nationals share the party’s core values and have opportunities to get involved. They can:

  • Stand for pre-selection as a candidate
  • Assist in developing policy
  • Vote in candidate pre-selections
  • Enjoy social and fundraising activities
  • Be part of the buzz in election campaigns

Becoming a member of The Nationals engages you with a new network of committed Victorians and gives you an opportunity to make a difference.

Through your support The Nationals can continue to deliver initiatives that make a real difference to the way we live in regional and rural Victoria.

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