The National Party is concerned with the welfare of all Australians and the advancement of the whole nation.

– The National Party believes in –

  1. Preservation of democracy in Australia through the Westminster Parliamentary system.
  2. Adherence to the Federal system of Government and the maintenance of the powers and responsibilities of Federal, State and Local Government.
  3. Maintenance of and adherence to the rule of law.
  4. Maintenance of an adequate defence capacity.
  5. Preservation of the rights of the individual and equality of opportunity for all.
  6. Protection of the security of private ownership and the advancement of free enterprise through individual initiative.
  7. Preservation of the freedom of the press, radio, television and means of communication.
  8. Balanced development of industry and population.
  9. Promotion of decentralisation of population and the balancing of economic and social opportunities and community services in city and country.
  10. Prudent conservation of Australia’s natural resources and environment.
  11. Provision of adequate care for those incapable of caring for themselves.
  12. Prevention of the socialisation of industry, production, distribution and exchange.
  13. Preservation of freedom of speech.
The National Party recognise that the objects and beliefs of the Party will be achieved and maintained by the Party winning and maintaining Government.