A Grass Roots Movement

From the grass-roots members to our parliamentary representatives, all Nationals members are from the regions. We understand what it means to stand up for our community and deliver results.

– Martin Corboy, Small Business Owner, Wangaratta


The Nationals represent people who live and work in regional Victoria. Two great strengths of the Party are our membership and democratic processes. No other political party involves its membership so broadly.

Local branches have long provided avenues for any member to have a voice and make a real contribution. All members have opportunities to bring in new ideas, vote in pre-selections and get involved in election campaigns to support their local candidate.

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Our Structure

The Nationals believe in committed and passionate locals leading the debate on policy priorities and ideas.

Our open and direct path to policy development allows members to make a tangible and lasting contribution, not only to their local community but Victoria and Australia.

Our members are locals, our political representatives are locals and our values and policies reflect the unique and diverse characteristics of our regional areas.

Organisational Wing

The Victorian National Party has a strong organisational structure and network of branches that elects and support parliamentary representatives for both the State and Federal Parliaments.

Parliamentary Wing

The parliamentary wings of The Nationals are made up of elected state members and federal members of parliament. They are responsible for representing their electorate in the parliaments and implementing the Party’s vision for Victoria at a State and Federal level.

How Policy is Developed

Policy development can start with an idea raised at a branch meeting. It might makes its way to the State Conference as a branch resolution or to State Council’s discussions forums. The Nationals are committed to a policy process that enables all members to participate if they choose to.

The Role of Women

Women can choose to participate in The Nationals at any level they wish to. It may be as a candidate who goes on to become a Member of Parliament, like Deputy State Leader Emma Kealy, Upper House member Melina Bath or Senator Bridget McKenzie.

It may be at a branch level, or on the Board of Management like current Vice President, Sheridan Bond and Board Member, Meree Bath.

It could be in a leadership role, like Australia’s first female President of any political party, Shirley McKerrow, OAM, or former State Director, Jenny Hammett and Sally Branson.

The Nationals encourage women to bring their skills, their voice and their energy forward to engage in the democratic process that ensures our freedom and contributes to our future.

Young Nationals

The Young Nationals is for people aged up to 35 who share a passion for regional and rural Victoria. Young Nationals have full voting rights within The National Party and can become more involved within the Party in a number of ways.

Being a member of the Young Nationals is a rewarding experience that opens up opportunities connect with other like minded young people, get involved in political or social activities and support your local member of parliament.

“Being a Nationals member has allowed me to be involved in many aspects of the Party’s processes including working on election campaigns. I’ve had opportunities to meet great people and develop networks as well as stand up and show my community why I am so passionate about regional Victoria, the Nationals and the Party’s core values.”

-Rebecca Treloar, Student, Mildura

Many political staff and parliamentarians started their political career with the Young Nationals.

The Young Nationals play a significant role within The Nationals and have been instrumental in developing the leadership potential of many young people over the years.