The Nationals will ease the pressure on family budgets.


There is growing pressure on your family budget. The rising cost at the checkout and increases in essential bills have made it harder to get by for too many Victorians.


The Nationals will minimise bill shock with our promise of no new taxes, by cutting seven of Labor’s new taxes, keeping more of Victorian gas for local energy, reducing water bills,  and slashing public transport fares.


This is only possible because our strong Long-Term Economic Plan will rein in Daniel Andrews’ spiralling debt and wasteful spending


The Nationals will slash local public transport fares to $2 a day and halve V/Line fares, making it more affordable to travel around your community and around the state.


We will provide free kindergarten for all three- and four-year-olds, saving families up to $2,500 every year and for every child.


Our Power to the People Plan will provide 1 million households, including for at least 100,000 rental properties, with a rebate of up to $1,400 for solar panels and $3,000 for a home battery.


The Nationals’ Victorian Gas for Victorians pledge will reserve new natural gas for domestic use and put downward pressure on your energy prices. As part of this, we will immediately legislate a local gas guarantee for new supply.


Our $2.5 billion Bringing Manufacturing Home fund will allow local businesses to expand and innovate, making Victoria the nation’s manufacturing powerhouse and lower prices at the checkout. This includes for medicine, clean energy, food, defence, and digital transformation – all of which will place downward pressure on your day-to-day costs.


We will deliver a Healthy Lunches program in schools to provide a free healthy lunch to Victorian students while relieving parents of the financial and time pressure of preparing lunches for their children.


Family budgets have also been squeezed by the 43 new taxes introduced by the Andrews Labor Government.


The Nationals have promised no new taxes and to cut at least seven of Labor’s taxes.


We will also raise the payroll tax threshold from $700,000 – the lowest in Australia – to $1.6 million – the most competitive in Australia. This will remove around 13,300 small businesses from the payroll tax system, making it easier for them to create jobs for you, your family, and your community.