The National Party is a grassroots Political party that relies on all branches of the organisation to successfully conduct campaigns. Below is a brief summary of the organisational structure of a campaign outlining the roles of The Central Campaign Committee, Local Campaign Committee and the administrative wing of the Party


Central Campaign Committee

  • The Central Campaign Committee will work closely with local campaigns and Head Office to develop and monitor a campaign strategy, including fundraising targets, data collection, volunteer targets, canvassing activity, and media activity.


Local Campaign Committee

  • It is the role of the campaign committee to oversee all localised campaign activity.

The campaign committee will be responsible for:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Finances and Campaign Budget
  • Volunteer Management
  • Opposition research and intelligence
  • Election day rosters
  • Media and Marketing
  • Direct mail and letterboxing
  • Data Collection
  • Phone Canvassing
  • Campaign Activity Shopping centres, market stalls, etc
  • Election night preparation
  • Pack up, follow up and thank you letters


Head Office

  • It is the role of Head Office to support the campaign committee, candidates, and parliamentary wing.

Head Office is responsible for:

  • Preselection’s
  • National Party Brand/ Style Guide
  • Authorisation of campaign material
  • Senate/Upper House Campaigns
  • Electoral Commission communications
  • Registration of candidates