Regional Victorians are ready for a dose of hope.

Two years of pandemic has been hard on our mental and physical health, on our kid’s schooling and on our local small businesses that have been decimated by uncertainty and lockdowns.

Now, more than ever, we need a positive plan that will bring our communities back together, restore new local career opportunities and make sure that regional Victoria gets our fair share.

That’s what No more lockdowns. Recover. Rebuild. is all about.

Our plan lays out clearly what The Nationals team, with the Liberals in State Government, will do to provide certainty and security for the future for you, your family, your business and your local community.

We will build the capacity of the health system to treat more people sooner and fix Victoria’s healthcare crisis.

We will invest in the right people and the programs that will fix our mental health crisis.

We will safely keep our schools open because we know that the best place for our children to learn is in the classroom, not at home on a computer screen.

We will end Labor’s wasteful spending so we can spend more on our local hospitals, schools, roads and emergency services.

We will bring manufacturing home to Victoria and give small business owners the confidence they need to recover and rebuild – and hire more people.

We’ll be a government for all of Victoria.

Most importantly, under The Nationals and Liberals there will be no more lockdowns. No ifs. No buts. No more lockdowns.

Our Victorian Nationals team is standing up for you. We’ll be there with you every step of the way to recover, rebuild and make Victoria Number One again.



No More Lockdowns

✓ Ensure there are no more lockdowns;
✓ Repeal Labor’s pandemic legislation;
✓ Amend the Victorian Constitution to restrict the ongoing exercise of State of Emergency or State of Disaster powers, and;
✓ Establish a Royal Commission into Victoria’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Fix Victoria's Healthcare Crisis

✓ Halve surgery waiting lists in our first term;
✓ Build a new, dedicated Infectious Diseases Response Centre that will lead Australia in research and ensure our hospitals have the capacity to treat patients;
✓ End the blame game and work with the Federal Government and all healthcare providers to fix Victoria’s healthcare crisis;
✓ Avoid widespread Code Brown declarations and never postpone important medical procedures, such as cancer and heart surgery, and;
✓ Never place IVF on hold for Victorians wanting to have a family.


Fix the Mental Health Crisis

✓ Fix Victoria’s mental health crisis;
✓ Recognise counsellors as mental health practitioners on coming to government, and unlock this vital resource for our schools, and;
✓ Rebuild Victoria’s mental health workforce and launch Australia’s largest ever mental health support worker recruitment drive Ensure there are no more lockdowns


Keep Schools Open

✓ Deliver Victoria’s first Face-to-Face Learning Guarantee;
✓ Keep our schools open and re-focus learning on the fundamentals, and;
✓ Deliver a Mental Health Practitioner in every Victorian primary and secondary school.


Keep the Cost of Living Down

✓ Guarantee no new taxes;
✓ Stop wasteful government spending;
✓ Commission an urgent, independent audit of all of Labor’s capital projects over the value of $100 million to ensure that taxpayers are getting value for money, and;
✓ Re-establish parliamentary scrutiny over major infrastructure projects.


Bring Manufacturing Home

✓ $2.5 billion investment in manufacturing, with $1 billion committed to regional Victoria.

✓ Return Victoria’s status as the engine room of Australian manufacturing by focusing on priority areas of strategic importance for the future.

✓ Establish an industry led Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce to develop and shape Victoria’s manufacturing strategy.