Dear fellow Victorians,

Victorians have endured a lot this year. We battled through the havoc of summer bushfires and the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Andrews Labor Government compromised our economy, our health and our way of life by allowing the virus to slip through the cracks of their failed hotel quarantine program and near non-existent contact tracing system. These failures which can only be described as the worst public policy failure in Australia’s history is responsible for the second wave of coronavirus that swept across Victoria.

Regional Victorians have displayed their resilience and resolve in their ability to lead the way in suppressing the virus. I thank you all for the role you have played in getting us to the stage where we can get begin regaining our jobs and livelihoods.

The recovery will be hard. However, we are presented with a unique opportunity where we can reshape our state, rebuild businesses and industries, and restore Victoria as the jewel in Australia’s economic crown.

The Nationals have proactively created a plan over the course of the pandemic that reinjects life to all corners of our economy. The plans includes funds and policies that attract manufacturing and innovation, kickstart tourism, attract families and businesses to the regions, re-skilling and employment opportunities and trade diversification are some of what The Nationals believe will aid our recovery.

This is not a plan for the next State Election in 2022; Victorians cannot wait that long. This is a plan for immediate action so we can breathe new life into our economy and communities.

We encourage you to join us in calling on the State Government to adopt our plan to rebuild from the damage done to our jobs, our communities and our way of life – from today, not after the next election.

November 2020