Agriculture Environment Media releases

Taxes up 20% but Daniel Andrews cuts $32 million from agriculture

Thursday 4 May 2017 Despite slugging country Victorians for ten new taxes, Daniel Andrews has slashed Victoria’s Agriculture budget. Labor has cut $32 million from...

Education and Skills Community Services Media releases

Taxes up 20%, but Daniel Andrews cuts $45m from training

Wednesday 3 May 2017  Victorians are now paying for ten new taxes under Daniel Andrews, but the funds won’t be used to fix the state’s...

Health and Aged Care Community Services Media releases

Taxes up 20% but cuts to mental health

Tuesday 2 May 2017  Daniel Andrews has announced ten new taxes in two years but has effectively cut the number of residential mental health beds. ...

medie releases Regional Development Community Services

Daniel Andrews taxing regional Victoria more, but giving less

Tuesday 2 May 2017 Daniel Andrews is taxing regional Victorians more, but giving us less. For the third year in a row, Daniel Andrews has...

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