The Nationals have a clear plan for regional cities and country communities.

The Nationals have been working hard as part of the Coalition Government to get things done locally and secure a fair share of funding for regional and rural Victoria. By working with local communities, we’re fixing country roads, upgrading local schools and hospitals and investing in growing local industries to create more jobs.

Building on what we’ve achieved together over four years of hard work, The Nationals have strong plans to establish regional and rural Victoria as the key driver of Victoria’s future prosperity and help all local communities share in the benefits and opportunities this creates. Our plan includes:

Future Skills, Industries and Jobs

The Nationals in Coalition Government are responsibly managing our economy and have strong plans to capitalise on the strengths and skills of our country communities to build robust industries locally that create new secure jobs.

Key local priorities

  • Attracting new innovative industries to our regions and investing in growing established local businesses through the $1 billion Regional Growth Fund.
  • Increase local and affordable access to skills and educational training in areas of industry skills shortage and new industry sectors expanding in local communities.
  • Investing more funding into building and upgrading modern education buildings and facilities for country students.

Stronger, healthier communities

Nothing is more important than the health of your family and quality of life in our local communities. The Nationals in Coalition Government have strong plans to invest in the local facilities and services to increase delivery of modern and accessible health services and keep our communities safe.

We are investing in building and upgrading local recreation and community facilities to help people get involved, stay active and provide activities for your people.

Key local priorities

  • Investing more funding in building and upgrading country hospitals and improving health services for local communities.
  • Making local communities safer through tackling emerging problems like the spread of the illicit drug ICE in partnership with parents, health officials and Victoria Police.
  • Building better community, sporting and cultural facilities and supporting local events to provide more activities for young people through the $1 billion Regional Growth Fund.

Connected Communities

Over the past four years, we’ve been working hard to fix more than a decade backlog in state infrastructure works. The Nationals have strong plans to invest in the future infrastructure the regions need to better connect communities to each other, workers to jobs and products to market.

We plan to invest in increasing access for all communities to modern and reliable mobile phone, Wi-Fi and broadband services so that businesses and communities are connected to each other and the world.

Key local priorities

  • Investing more into building and maintaining safer road networks to better connect our local communities.
  • Delivering modern, more convenient passenger rail services and investing in building and upgrading country freight rail lines.
  • Investing with private industry and the Commonwealth to improve access to mobile phone coverage and delivering modern, fast broadband and Wi-Fi services locally.

The Nationals are delivering practical policies to deliver
on our clear plan for regional and rural Victoria.

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