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Nationals win for the country, again

Nationals candidate for Polwarth David O'Brien has congratulated the Federal Nationals on forcing many significant wins for rural and regional areas into the new Coalition agreement with PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr O'Brien said the Nationals had a history of extracting good gains for country areas out of Coalition agreements with the Liberals - the most obvious recent example being the Victorian $1 billion Regional Growth Fund, which invested in more than 1000 projects across Victoria.

"The Nationals will always seize the moment to force the city parties to do better for the bush," Mr O'Brien said.

"The Victorian Nationals did it in 2010 by forcing a $1 billion Regional Growth Fund. This week, the Federal Nationals have done it again."

The highlights of the new Federal Coalition agreement are:

* Country people who are sick of bad mobile phone coverage can nominate their area for a new tower as mobile phone black spot funding will continue;

* More rural students will be able to access higher education through a plan which will help them overcome the financial obstacles;

* Unemployed people in areas where jobs are hard to find will benefit from a new jobs programme;

* Stay at home parent families with a child below the age of one will receive more Family Tax Benefit B rebate.

"I'm proud to be part of a party which stands only for the country - for rural, regional and remote Victoria," Mr O'Brien said.

"No other party looks out for country Victoria like the Nationals do.

"If I'm given the honour of representing the people of Polwarth, this is exactly what I'll seek to do. I'll take any opportunity to extract a fairer deal from the city parties. We all know the city parties are too focussed on their base - city seats. Candidates for the major parties later get too distracted by pleasing their city colleagues.

"I will fight for the people of Polwarth and for country Victoria and my colleagues in the Nationals will back me all the way."