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Tim Bull

Tim Bull is a born and bred East Gippslander who was brought up on the Gippsland Lakes at Metung. The family name is synonymous with Bulls Cruisers and Tim has a lifelong passion for protecting the lakes environment for future generations to enjoy. Tim now lives in Bairnsdale with his wife Kim and their three children – Daniel, Lachlan and Nikita.

A former newspaper editor, Tim enjoys an active lifestyle with family camping and fishing trips. Over the years, he has been heavily involved in sporting and community organisations and was successful in helping to establish the East Gippsland Specialist School.

As a hard working, dedicated family man, Tim understands the issues that concern East Gippslanders. Through his direct involvement in disability services, Tim understands the need to provide improved health and education services to help all young people in the region achieve their best.

Tim believes that improved infrastructure, particularly funding for better roads, health services and natural gas reticulation are critical to supporting and growing new industries.

Tim is a strong supporter of East Gippsland’s traditional industries and also actively works to support small businesses and the tourism industry to create local jobs.

Tim Bull is Shadow Minister for Carers and Disability, Shadow Minister for Racing, Shadow Minister for Veterans' Affairs and Shadow Minister for Fishing and Boating. He has previously served as Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.