First aid training for all year 9 students

First aid training for Year 9 students will be introduced into all Victorian secondary schools under a re-elected Coalition Government. Starting in 2015, the $20.9 million initiative will see thousands of young Victorians equipped with life-saving skills, bringing benefits to the wider Victorian community for years to come. Approximately 66,000 Victorians will receive first aid training every year.

In addition to CPR, the course will teach students the early management of burns, fractures, asthma and exposure to extreme temperatures. Successful completion of the training will mean that students have completed the certified course known as ‘Provide First Aid’. The training will be delivered over one to two days, including  assessment.

Year 9 is an ideal time to learn these skills, as it is a formative year in which students develop greater maturity. If you think first aid training in schools is important, help us spread the word via the links below!